May 29, 2014


 "It was still early. I sat on a damp rock, took my notebook from my inner pocket, made earnest notes:
'South - sky thin line of rosy pink, straightened blue-pink, blue greys. Flannan Isles, horizon fine slate-grey line.'
I made notes, but the reason I'd come to the end of the road to walk along the cliffs is because language fails me there. If we work always in words, sometimes we need to recuperate in a place where language doesn't join up, where we're thrown back on a few elementary nouns. Sea. Bird. Sky. 
Besides, it was the Sabbath, the day of rest. A sign at the wicket gate that gave onto the coastal walk read: 'Please, keep dogs on leads,' and 'Please, avoid disturbing the Sabbath.' "

Kathleen Jamie - Findings

When the mornings started earlier this year, we would wake up before the sun to see the light as it hung beneath the horizon creating half tones of pink and purple. And the world was still inside their homes.


  1. Those pink skies make me swoon. :)

  2. Thanks Katie :) Its one of my favourite things about waking up early :)