May 25, 2014


The silence here of late must be one of the biggest, and the only excuse I have is life. In its fullness and beauty, time becomes stretched and priorities re-ordered. But I have missed this little place, a simple abode for musings, memories and the sharing of misadventures. So we are back with the greatest intentions of an increased regularity to visits.

When driving home from the grocery store on Thursday, I drove straight past our house and took a short jaunt through the edge of our town as the sun was setting. The small grasp at solitude (home was not the noisy place I was fleeing, but the boisterous tones of a classroom of teenagers) to hear the remainder of a song allowed me to notice the quickly decreasing minutes of light in our days, the piles of leaves collecting in gutters and my jacket that has found its home for the season, on the back seat, ready for the case of a sudden drop in temperature that happens on cue around 4:30 in the afternoon. We are in the fullness of my favourite time of the year, the season I pine for while the days are long and hot. Autumn is almost over, before I've come to say my piece.

The leaves are thicker than a rug, covering parts of our yard and drifting about on the verandah. I will get around to raking them, but till then I'm glad to let them play their ode to the coming of winter as they flitter in the slightest breeze.


  1. I've missed your 'voice', dear Liz. Goodness, that photo is pretty much perfect - such lovely warm tones. Welcome back x

    1. Thanks Elize, it's nice to be back. It mustn't be long till you take off on another adventure. Did you find some new girls? xo