January 31, 2015


We wake up when it's dark. We search out the right words and grumbles to get out of bed and embrace the road outside for some exercise. We get home just after the first light and begin to scramble and shuffle around the house, we iron clothes, we gather food from the fridge for lunch, and we aim to walk out the door at the same time, leaving for work together. I drop Dave around the corner. We kiss and commit to time together later in the day; when our obligations are over, it will be just us.

We love to assemble days that are brimming with motion and have long since lost hope of a life that is normal, observing that it never seems to materilise. Life is always changing and moving. The only thing that remains simple is that each day it is us, waking up together, embracing the days that we make.

Occasionally the surroundings become inconsequential, and I hold a gaze on this man who is truly the best part of me, the best part of my life. Moreover, he is everything I am not, the safety and light that settles my heart.


  1. Liz! I've missed your words and images. This post is special and almost makes me believe in true love ;) I hope all is well in your world. E x

    1. It does exist, I promise :) If only I spoke to you as often as I think of you and wonder how you are? I'm guessing you must be off soon? maybe we could email, if you're interested in a pen pal? xo