October 7, 2012


Last night I was brought back to these photos I took a few years ago in Mexico and in Fiji. I hadn’t thought much about these trips lately, until a few recent conversations, caused me to think back to the people in these photos.

Often I forget how big the world is (not just because we now live in a small town). But life has a way of keeping me focused on the everyday, what do I need to do? What’s happening tomorrow? And how will I find time to do it all?

It becomes easy for me to push the thoughts of these children and many like them,  to the corner parts of my brain, where they can be left forgotten. But the truth is whether I think of them or not, these children are waking up each day too, maybe eating breakfast, maybe not, and setting off into the day they had planned (or not planned).

I want to remind myself to keep these children within reach of my thoughts and within reach of love. I sometimes wonder if I’ll find myself back in these places, but until then I’ll keep their stories in my heart.

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