July 1, 2013


I have been a little absent from this place on the internet for the last few weeks. It's been a whirlwind of final assignments, report cards, washing to fold, budding new ideas and the beauty of life that drew me away from the computer (or blogging) for a short season. There's so much to report, catching up on photos and stories that I've had intentions of sharing for weeks. So I'll do my best during the lull of school holidays to be a little more present. 

We're off on a quick jaunt to Melbourne this weekend, for football, art exhibitions and wanderings about the city. Today I got a long awaited new camera, which I'll sure will be glued to my face for the next few days, ensuring new photos to share!


  1. A new camera?! How exciting! What did you get? I'm really happy to hear you are pushing forward with your photography :) xx

    1. I have just upgraded to a Canon 7D from a 500D. Would've loved to have got the 5D, but not quite there yet :) What do you use? I saw your new lens :) how is it? I have been looking into the 35mm, trying to decide between that or something wider, 24mm/28mm...

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